This is one of the most delightful books that I have read for some time. Stemming from the attempted murder of a teenage girl,  the novel grips from the very beginning as, with the help of friends, the motive for this near tragedy is slowly unravelled. Through the  twists and turns of a  complex plot and sub plots the novel moves to a conclusion towards which the reader is kept guessing until near the very end.

Most remarkably, the novel demonstrates the latent (and frequently misunderstood) impatient adolescent honesty and determination to get to the simplistic  truth of matters – which is often impeded in the complex world of adults. 

This youthful fortitude is ultimately triumphant and demonstrates  the Author’s perceptive understanding of teenagers who are often so derided both by ‘authority’, and the media. Throughout, there are ample lacings of humour which balances the grimmer reality of the quite evil forces which they are all up against.  Thankfully, the Police are both sympathetic and understanding, especially when some of the teenage activities are, in themselves, questionably legal !

All in all ‘Unlucky Dip’ it is a most enjoyable, albeit dangerous romp and is ultimately, a ‘feel-good’ tale not to be missed. I thoroughly  recommend it !


Alan S. Blood.

December, 2012.

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